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            您現在的位置: 自行式



            型號model    YDCY

            安全工作載荷 Safe working load        680kg
            延伸平臺安全工作載荷 Extension platform safe working load       227kg
            最大工作人數 The largest number of work
            最大工作高度(A)Maximum working height          15.00m
            最大平臺高度(B)The biggest platform height          13.00m
            整機長度(帶支腿/不帶支腿)(C) The whole lengthwith leg/without leg
            整機寬度() The whole machine width           2.27m
            整機高度(標準/折疊平臺)(E)The machine heightstandardfolding platforl
            工作平臺尺寸(長x寬)(f)Work platform size(length width)(f)           3.98m×1.83m
            平臺延伸尺寸(G) Platform extension sizeg)        6.57m×1.83m
            最小離地間隙 The minimum clearance from the ground          0.22m
            軸距(H) The wheelbase)        2.86m
            最小轉彎半徑(內輪/外輪 Within the minimum turning radiusround/ocean shipping)          2.35m/5.20m
            發動機 The enginePerkins      404d        2238kw/300rm
            發動機 Kubota V-DI2403-m- The engine              36.5kw/2600rpm
            機器行駛速度(收攏狀態)(Macinespeedcollpsa   《61km/h(collapsed)           6.1km/h
            機器行駛速度(起升狀態) Machine speedlifting)1.1km/h
            上升/下降速度Up/down speed               70/52sec
            最大爬坡能力 Maximum gradeability    50%
            工作最大允許角度 The maximum allowable working Angle            2°/3°
            液壓油箱 The hydraulic oil tank           130L
            柴油箱 Diesel fuel tank        100l
            輪胎tire      33×12-20

              The self-propelled- lift platform with high degree of automation, simple operation, high working efficiency,etc. It has the  function of automatic walking and able to work in a variety of conditions, and rely on its own power device, single person can  complete elevator to go forward, backward, steering, fast and slow walking and lifting operation, save work and effort. Elevator, do not need to pack up, rise in the state of mobile function can be realized the efficiency is greatly increased.

            友情連接:塑料周轉箱 塑料托盤 周轉箱 塑料周轉箱